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About Us

The beginning

We are a mexican company based in Mexico City, specialized in developing different kinds of real estate projects.

Present in Yucatán and Quintana Roo, with a portfolio that contains different products and services.

Since its foundation, BLACK has been characterized by its dynamism, innovative processes, constant development and improving the real estate industry.

Our work

Thanks to agreements with our commercial partners, we have achieved great dynamism within the industry through our high quality products.

Within the real estate sector BLACK has focused primarily on two fundamental aspects: development and property management.

In terms of development, BLACK has strategic alliances with different industry partners, in order to obtain the best architectural concepts at the forefront of trends and guaranteeing the use of quality materials, designs and construction processes.

The promise

We base our work on the following premises: location, legality, quality, cutting-edge architecture and efficiency.

Our main goal is for BLACK to be recognized worldwide as a key player among the new generation of Mexican developers.

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