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    Why is it important to know the ROI of a property before buying a property?

    Return on investment (ROI) is a financial metric that is widely used to measure the probability of obtaining a return on an investment. It is a ratio that compares the profit or loss of an investment in relation to its cost. That is, it measures how much money or net benefit is obtained from an investment, which is shown as a percentage of the total cost of that investment.

    Maximize ROI for Real Estate Investors

    To ensure a profitable rental property, you must actively work to drive ROI by reducing costs and ensuring a consistent occupancy rate. Cutting costs also means limiting your expenses, which is where maintenance costs can play a role. Keeping up with rent maintenance can increase ROI in the long run. Meanwhile, making sure you have your property rented consistently is the biggest revenue driver. Having a high turnover rate means you are losing income and have to spend more on expenses to find and screen tenants. The other key to increasing your rental ROI is to increase your rent when possible. Increasing rental rates will help investors better manage rising expenses, which may include taxes, insurance, and repairs.

    “Real estate markets with the highest return on investment in rental properties”

    The foreign market sees Mexico as an attractive option for retirement and investment due to factors such as the cost-benefit ratio that they would not have in their countries of origin. In the country the costs are lower for the acquisition of the residential subsector (houses and apartments). As well as its high cultural level (both gastronomic and tourist). Residentials like Amana Tulum offer an average annual return on investment of 10%.

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